My name is Kernjeet Kaur Sandhu. I was born in Winnipeg Manitoba,Canada.  My parents, Satnam Singh Sandhu and Iqbal Kaur Sandhu are from the region of Punjab in northern India.

My first trip to India was in 1992 and it was a very influential trip for me. I quickly grew very attached to my extended family in India, came back to Canada and started to read and write Punjabi so that I could continue communication with my family overseas through letters.

Throughout my travels back home to India I noticed the need for medical services in rural areas of Punjab and this motivated me to do more, think bigger. I chose the medical profession quickly after my Bachelors degree so that I could go back to help Punjab. It was a very clear motivation for me right from those early trips to Punjab.

Today, after having obtained my MD and finishing my medical residency from the United States of America, I travel to India once or twice a year to provide health services to rural communities. I have also traveled to Haiti to do similar work and tropical medicine is an area of interest to me.

My focus in recent times has been on the increasing drug use in the Punjab region, primarily heroin, cocaine and synthetic opiates. The use of buprenorphine to help addicts is my area of specialty.

Please browse through my blog to view some of the other work that I am doing in my village in Punjab, including recent WiFi connections to my village and neighboring schools and villages.


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